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Presentation of the Research “CSO Engagement in Policy-Making and Monitoring of Policy Implementation: Needs and Capacities”


The presentation of a research titled “CSO Engagement in Policy-Making and Monitoring of Policy Implementation: Needs and Capacities” realized in the framework of the EU funded project “Civil Society. Dialogue for Progress” took place in Yerevan.

The research aims at examining the environment in which CSOs are functioning, as well as revealing, analyzing and evaluating the capacities and needs of CSOs in regard with their participation in policy dialogue, monitoring of policy implementation. The full version of the research can be found here.

During the presentation, the chairman of the project partner in Armenia NGO “European Integration”, Karen Bekaryan in his opening speech stressed the importance of the work done by independent experts, the coordinating team of “Sociometer” Independent Sociological Center and Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung .

In his turn the representative of Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung Stephan Malerius mentioned that such king of researches have been and are still being implemented in other EaP countries, adding that after Armenia the presentations of researches will take place in Belarus, Azerbaijan and Ukraine. The decision for conducting such research was made, according to the speaker, after the discussions about CSOs and their role in EaP countries.

During the presentation of the research findings, the experts mentioned that the research aims at evaluating and enhancing the capacities of CSOs in the formation of public policy.

The research used mixed method – both qualitative and quantitative, and it studied a number of researches done since 2010 and documents in this field, as well as the data of CIVICUS World Alliance for Citizen Participation. It was mentioned that a survey was conducted with 150 NGOs, as well as 12 focus groups, in which representatives of civil society and self-governing bodies from 23 cities participated.

During the discussion, which followed the presentation, the representatives of civil society stressed the importance of the work done. At the same time they emphasized that though CSOs have a little role in the formation of public opinion in Armenia, they can have their impact on the formation and development of the processes implemented on the level of Local government. Such issues like the possible cooperation of SCOs with the private sector and other actors as municipalities, media, local and foreign NGOs, government agencies, etc., were discussed.

EU funded Technical Assistance “Project Civil Society. Dialogue for Progress” is implemented by a Consortium led by Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung. The project partner in Armenia is NGO “European Integration”.