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All the commissioners to be present for Juncker censure

All 28 European commissioners will travel to Strasbourg to attend a debate on a motion of censure against Jean-Claude Juncker instigated by far-right MEPs, reports

 The Commission was originally scheduled to have two college meetings next week, one on Monday in Brussels and one on Tuesday in Strasbourg. But the Monday meeting has been cancelled so that commissioners can travel to Strasbourg.

 The Europe of Freedom and Direct Democracy group, which consists mainly of the UK Independence Party and Italy’s Five Star Movement, was able to gather 76 signatures for a motion of censure against Juncker over alleged tax avoidance schemes in Luxembourg while he was prime minister. That was enough to force the issue on to the European Parliament’s plenary agenda. The EFDD’s 48 MEPs were joined by non-aligned MEPs such as Marine Le Pen.

 The far-left GUE group also attempted to collect enough signatures to introduce a censure motion against Juncker last week, but failed. GUE refused to sign the EFDD’s petition.

 The motion will be debated in Strasbourg on Monday at 6pm, and a vote will be held on Thursday (27 November) at noon. There is no chance of the motion passing, as no other political group in the Parliament supports it.

A Commission spokesperson said the entire college will attend “as a sign of respect to the institutional prerogatives of the European Parliament, to which the European Commission is accountable”.