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Mehriban Aliyeva May Be Engaged in Karabakh Conflict Settlement Process

It turns out that Azerbaijan is a secular country. The first Vice President was appointed Mehriban Aliyeva – Aliyev’s wife. Of course, appointing own wife in such a position raises lots of questions, starting from the aims ending with the means for reaching them. Nevertheless, let’s refer to an issue important for us – Karabakh conflict and Mehriban Aliyeva’s possible engagement in it.

According to the changes in the Constitution, which created the institute of Vice President, the person on this post replaces the president during his absence. In this context it is at least not excluded that in certain cases Aliyev’s wife will be engaged in Karabakh conflict settlement process. It is clear that Aliyeva’s possible engagement in this process will not bring serious changes in the long years’ policy of Azerbaijan. Nevertheless, it is possible that the presence of a woman will make the overall atmosphere healthier….

As for the states, which, taking into consideration Azerbaijan’s petrodollars, will refrain from criticizing this problematic appointment, most probably will be satisfied only with silently laughing at the realization of the idea “the first lady – the second face”. Let’s hope, however, that witnessing the manifestation of Azerbaijan’s clan policy, those countries would not even think that Azerbaijan can have any serious ambitions towards Artsakh.