Project “Together 2” competitions approach deadline

It has been mentioned earlier that the second phase of the project “Together”- the project “Together 2” – has been launched. In the framework of “Together 2” competitions were announced for English lyrics of the song “Together” created by the joint creative group in the first phase of the project and for photos on the topic of “peace”. Now the deadline for receiving the works is approaching. You can send your works by 24:00, today -December 24, 2013. We kindly ask for photos to be sent in “jpg” format, and English lyrics in “Word” or “PDF” formats to with the subject line either “Project “Together 2”, Lyrics” or “Project “Together 2”, Photo”.

It should be mentioned that all the works presented (both the English lyrics of the song and the photos) will be posted on the Facebook page of the project “Together” after the deadline and will be followed by voting. The launch of the voting will be announced in advance. 

In 2011-2012 NGO “European Integration” in partnership with NGO “National Diplomacy Institute” and NGO “Society for Humanitarian Research” and with the assistance of the US Government implemented peace-building project “Together” which mainly aimed at the creation of “peace attributes” (songphotoslogovideo and slogan) by joint creative groups as well as at involving representatives of arts and culture in the process of peace-building who formerly did not have active involvement in the process of dialogue formation between the sides of the conflict.

NGO “European Integration”