NGO “European Integration” chairman, political analyst Karen Bekaryan said on December 23 that he doesn’t consider EU “Eastern Partnership” program failed, Mediamax reports.

Karen Bekaryan told journalists that after Eastern Partnership Vilnius Summit, all the sides should be realistic to the current situation, assess the errors and advance with a realistic agenda.

“Eastern Partnership member states have one serious error. They should address some issues with a coordinated agenda. In this case, all the countries will be in a more beneficial situation. However, relevant political culture is lacking in these countries”, said Karen Bekaryan.

According to the expert, Armenia’s European partners also made some mistakes in the issue of not initialing Association Agreement/ Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Area (DCFTA). According to Karen Bekaryan, as far as DCFTA is concerned, a question raises on the effectiveness of EU integration in case of Armenia’s closed border with Turkey.

Karen Bekaryan claims that Armenia had never been “dishonest” to the EU and had never questioned its strategic relations with Russia while partnering with Europe.


Source: Mediamax