New Year thoughts and wishes

There are only few days left till the start of the New Year, so beloved by many of us. And then the celebrations will pass the turn to the Christmas in the evening of January 5.

If the holiday mood in Europe begins to prevail with “Western” Christmas approaching and then inertly goes on to meet the New Year, then in Armenia the honorary mission of opening the holiday celebrations belongs to the New Year.

I assume it is no secret for majority of us with what excitement many Armenian families prepare or try to prepare for the New Year. Children look forward to Santa’s coming and presents, housewives start fulfilling the difficult task of making variety of delicious dishes, deserts, and so on and so forth. 

You will most likely agree that New Year’s preparations appear to cost considerable amount of money for an Armenian family earning a modest average wage. I used to speak up against some unnecessary luxuries that people undertake for the holiday’s celebration. However, now I no longer feel any right to criticize it: if we still go on celebrating the New Year in a way we have done for so many years, it means that there is something more and deep than just the spending. The very holiday for us seems to raise new hope, expectations and light from and towards the coming year.

Another thing is that there is some irony regarding the fact that we celebrate the New Year with more excitement than we do for the Christmas. However, I shall leave the question of whether we have withdrawn from our religion or not for another time. To me, the reason we start preparing for the New Year with somewhat more excitement is that the holiday and hence the holiday mood come first in the calendar. Both children and adults look forward to the New Year be that for presents, for making or tasting various dishes, for watching New Year TV programs and films, and/or simply for receiving relatives, dear friends in an intimate and hospitable atmosphere.

So, taking into account both the bad and good sides of the New Year celebration preparations, I would like to congratulate you on behalf of the “European Integration” NGO team for the coming New 2014 Year. Let the year of Horse be full of pleasant surprises, excitements, new achievements, successes and let all this be accompanied with love…

P.S. By the way, put aside all the superstitions regarding the year, get only positively and optimistically charged… and act!

Hegine Nazaryan