Key step towards river basin protection in wider Black Sea region and Belarus

This month, an EU-funded project for the Environmental Protection of International River Basins will set up development and implementation teams in each pilot-basin covered by the project in the wider Black Sea region and Belarus, ENPI Info Centre reports.

The teams will be established on the basis of designated water management and planning institutions, independent national experts, partner institutions and key beneficiaries.

They will be responsible for:

  • A deeper and more thorough analysis of the pressures and threats causing an impact on basin ecosystems;
  • Identifying the data gaps for heavily modified water bodies and water bodies at risk;
  • Conducting economic and cost related analysis for the implementation of selected objectives;
  • Drafting and providing final conclusions to local stakeholders for public hearings and to appropriate designated authorities for approval and adoption.

The draft schedule for the project’s missions is as following:

  • 13-14 Jan 2014 – Georgia
  • 16-17 Jan 2014 – Armenia
  • 21-22 Jan 2014 – Azerbaijan
  • 27-28 Jan 2014 – Belarus
  •  29-31 Jan 2014 – Ukraine

The ENPI-EPIRB Project started in January 2012 and is scheduled to run for four years.
The project targets the improvement of water quality in the trans-boundary river basins of the wider Black Sea region and Belarus. It is going to support the move towards modern management tools of achievement of desired water quality status by building capacities and learning-by-doing, by means of development and implementation of River Basin Management Plans for selected pilot river basins.

Source: ENPI Info Centre