International Forum in Minsk to focus on investment in renewable energy

Ways of creating a favourable investment environment for introducing renewable energy resources (RES) will be the focus of an International Forum, due to be held in Minsk on 22-23 April. The Forum, “Investments in Renewable Energy for Sustainable Energy Development,” will bring together about 75 investors, policy makers and project developers, according to a press release from the EU-funded INOGATE energy programme.

The event will be jointly organized by the INOGATE Technical Secretariat, the State Committee on Science and Technologies of the Republic of Belarus and the EU-funded project Belarus – Capacity building of the Belarusian Renewable Energy Association (BREA) for active involvement in policy- and decision-making processes.

The Forum will be hosted by the Belarusian Renewable Energy Association (BREA). It will aim to:

  • provide a platform for exchange of views and experience of how to create the best policy/investment environment for introducing RES;
  • present practical experience in investments in RES by European investors and representatives of INOGATE partner countries;
  • identify areas of cooperation for enhanced convergence of legislation in Belarus and other partner countries with that of the EU;
  • establish new business contacts for development and financing RES projects;
  • promote both national and European investments in RES projects in Belarus.

INOGATE is an EU-funded programme promoting international energy co-operation between the European Union and Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine and Uzbekistan. The programme’s activities focus on four key areas: convergence of energy markets on the basis of the EU principles; enhancing energy security; supporting sustainable energy development; and attracting investment in energy (particularly in Sustainable Energy) projects of common and regional interest. (EU Neighbourhood Info)

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