Extended deadline to submit applications for Eastern Partnership Culture Programme II

The European Commission has extended the deadline for applications to its Call for tender for the Eastern Partnership Culture Programme II.The reference of the Call is EuropeAid/135685/DH/SER/MULTI.

The new deadline is 26 June 2014, 16:00h Central European Time (replacing the earlier deadline of 12 June).

The European Commission has also published a clarification with 7 questions and answers on issues raised by the corrigendum to the selection criterion on the technical capacity of the candidate.

The Eastern Partnership (EaP) Culture Programme II builds upon the experience of the EaP Culture Programme and aims at further strengthening cultural policies, as well as the capacities of the culture sector and the culture operators in the EaP countries.

Specifically it aims at:

  • developing cultural and creative industries as vectors of cultural, social and economic development;
  • creating synergies between public and private actors for a more efficient cultural sector;
  • enhancing the contribution of civil society to cultural policy development and reform by bridging the gap between state institutions and cultural non-state actors, thus enhancing the role of culture as a driving-force for reform, promotion of inter-cultural dialogue and social cohesion;
  • strengthening the capabilities of EaP countries to facilitate their participation in international culture cooperation initiatives, including the MEDIA and the Culture strand of the EU Creative Europe programme and UNESCO activities.

The maximum budget is €4.57 million. The period of implementation of activities is 36 months from the award of the contract. (EU Neighbourhood Info).

Source: http://www.enpi-info.eu