The Head of the EU Delegation, Ambassador Traian Hristea presented the prizes to the winners of the second EU in Armenia online quiz on Thursday, 17 July at the EU Centre. The grand prize, a new laptop went to Gevorg Sinanyan, a student from Goris, Syunik marz. The second prize, a netbook, went to Emma Aghlamazyan, a student from Yerevan and the third prize, a Kindle eBook, went to Gayane Geghamyan, also a student from Yerevan, reports

 In the words of Ambassador Traian Hristea, he was delighted that the winners were all young people. “I am glad that the winners are students and I hope that our prizes will help them to obtain further knowledge about the EU and its activities in Armenia,” the Ambassador said.

 The quiz was taken 1,489 times in Armenian and 340 times in English. Although the first EU in Armenia quiz was already popular, the second one attracted more than 250 extra participants, bringing the total number of quiz participation in 2014 to 1,829.

 Out of all quiz takers 505 people answered all questions correctly in Armenian and 158 got all the answers right in English. That means, the percentage of right answers was record high, reaching 36% in total. In comparison, last year the percentage of correct answers was slightly above 20%.The quiz consisted of 15 multiple choice questions with the links for further information embedded in the website.

 The quiz was open to Armenian residents only and ran for two months from the 29 April until 1 July 2014.

 EU Centre also invited the participants who got all the answers right to the centre for a day full of activities. The day focused on informative and fun exercises for the participants, where they could test their own skills when speaking about EU programmes and EU funded projects in Armenia. The topics tackled were visa facilitation agreement, migration, Eastern Partnership and Erasmus+ programme.

 The EU Centre is the main feature of the EU funded project “Support to the EU communication on reforms in Armenia”. Its goal is to raise awareness on EU development cooperation in Armenia and support education on the European Union. The Centre’s website is a gateway to EU cooperation with Armenia. The duration of the project is two years and it is implemented by GOPA-Cartermill S.A in consortium with Altair Asesores and Fainberg LLC.