ENPI Info Centre – Electronic thematic press packs: an indispensible information source

Online and interactive, packed with information and examples, and with plenty of links to where one can find out even more: these are the key characteristics of the new format EU Neighbourhood Info Centre press packs. A new series covering over a dozen themes and cooperation areas – from the environment, to youth or education, from civil society to transport and energy – have been prepared over the past months and are available on the Info Centre website.

The press packs, relating to the EU’s relations with the Neighbourhood, explain what the policies aim at, delve into the various aspects of each cooperation area and give examples on how political decisions are turned into actions on the ground. Their aim is to give readers a good understanding of the issue discussed and guide them to where they can find out more.

All press packs follow the same style and format and don’t lose any of their attractiveness when printed out. The main elements of each press pack are:

-The introduction to the theme and policy;

-Details on the theme and policy;

-A zoom into some related activities;

-Direct links to the relevant documents and websites;

-Immediate access to the relevant thematic photo database, which is free of charge, and the feature stories and videos.

As all other information material produced by the EU Neighbourhood Info Centre, the press packs are available in its four working languages (English, French, Arabic, Russian) depending on whether it’s addressed to the whole Neighourhood region or only to the regions South and East.

The press packs are useful not only to journalists looking for the background information, but also to projects, academics, students and anyone else interested in the partnership between the EU and the Neighbourhood.

To find the press packs East click here.

Source: ENPI Info Centre