Turkey is seeking to include Ani into UNESCO World Heritage List

Turkey’s Ministry of Culture and Tourism is working towards including the historical city of Ani in the list of the UNESCO cultural heritage sites, reports tert.am.

 Minister Omer Celik has described the measure as an attempt to take the ancient site under protection.

 Historically known as the city with “one thousand and one churches” or “forty doors”, Ani was registered in the candidate list in 2012. The Turkish authorities are now reportedly seeking to declare it as a UNESCO cultural heritage site.

 The minister is reported as saying that he is committed to the endowment of cultural protection and human heritage monuments.

 Active excavations, redevelopment and renovation activities in the historical city opening the way to the Silk Road continue under the Ministry’s oversight.

 “We have always felt proud with the amazing, big and historical heritage of Ani. We want to do what is appropriate to us: to endow that heritage to the mankind and leave it to the future generations. Turkey is now making steps towards becoming a leading country. So we do not want to have lacunas in that race,” Mr Celik said.

Source: tert.am