Bill Gates accuses Germany for late reaction to Ebola

During a visit with Chancellor Angela Merkel in Berlin, multi-billionaire Bill Gates accused Germany and other western countries of having reacted too late in the fight against Ebola, calling on the German government to contribute more money for vaccinations, EurActiv reports.

Microsoft-founder Bill Gates criticised the international community in its fight against Ebola during a visit to Berlin on Tuesday (11 November). Along with other western countries, Germany reacted to the outbreak of the epidemic far too late, he said.

“Ebola is a lesson to us (about) how important health is. The epidemic could have been stopped earlier,” Gates commented during a meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Berlin on Tuesday.

But Gates said he sees a turnaround in the fight against Ebola: aid organisations and western states have successfully joined forces and made progress. “We are finally seeing results. We can put an end to the epidemic,” he predicted.

In the future, the Microsoft-founder said, western governments should promote research on vaccines and early warning systems in developing countries. This is the only way to stop potentially more serious outbreaks in the future, Gates explained.

The spread of Ebola is an example of the fact that the fight against it not only benefits developing countries, he continued, adding, “almost overnight health, crises can reach a global scale”.

Speaking with Merkel, Gates also called for more funds to be allocated for vaccinations.