Armenia-EU: “Less than an associate member, but more than it is today”

After September 3 it became clear that in the EU-Armenia relations a new agenda is needed. Though Armenia’s decision to join the Eurasian Economic Union (EEA) was not really a surprise for the European partners, it became obvious, that there is a need for new ideas and new forms for further cooperation. On December 19 a round table discussion on the topic “The current state of the relations between RA-EU: perspectives and the role of the civil society in this process” was organized by the “European Integration” NGO. The participants of the discussion were the representatives of civil society and the official institutions of Armenia.

During the “off the record’ discussion questions were discussed concerning the possible updates in the EU-RA relations taking into consideration the current realities, as well as the urgent problems on the European integration in the political agenda of Armenia. How the civil society can become an effective factor for the development of the EU-RA relations; what should be done that the European integration remains in the political agenda of Armenia, in spite of Armenia’s joining the EEA; how to develop the cooperation between the different platforms of the EU and RA; what mechanisms to develop to ensure that the political culture in Armenia is not degraded; how to make the different segments of the civil society to cooperate so as to promote Armenia’s interests both in Europe and in Russia, etc. – this interesting debate on such wide range of issues lasted more than three hours.

As a result of the round table discussions a policy paper will be prepared that will include the suggestions and the ideas for continuing the EU-RA cooperation, which were voiced during the discussion

It should be mentioned, that the discussion took place in the framework of the EU funded project “Civil Society: Dialogue for Progress” financed by the European Union. Later, this kind of event in the framework of the same project will be organized where the experts will focus on discussing the possibilities and the new ideas for the EU-Armenia economic relations.