Project “Youth platform”

Project “Youth platform” were a series of training-discussions for the young people. This was a specific platform, where young people discussed with experts the present-day and major questions related to Armenia’s foreign policy, gained knowledge about neighbor countries, priority issues of the RA’s foreign policy, international processes, as well as development of civil society and related topics. Parallel to these topics, the young representatives of CSOs, of Youth CSOs and young specialists were receiving trainings on project design and project management. Group works were being carried out, personal views were expressed as well as new solutions to old questions were proposed.

Project participants, meeting once a week, had a chance to discuss more topical and important questions with representatives of corresponding state bodies, analysts, lecturers from leading universities of Armenia, representatives of civil society. During the project important place was given to team work and individual research, discussions, debates, role games and brain storming. Thus, the participants were provided a platform for not only to listen but also to come up with personal analysis.

In the “Youth platform” the following questions were in the center of attention: the process of Karabakh conflict settlement and development of the NKR; RA integration processes, relations with power centers and neighbor countries. Besides, during the meetings, special time was devoted to the discussion of the most topical and important current international issues. Working out of innovative and practical solutions for the present problems was highlighted.

Work with the youth has always been among the priorities of NGO “European Integration” and various projects with participation of young people have been carried out from year to year. The project “Youth platform” has been implemented completely through the efforts of NGO “European Integration” thanks to the volunteering and enthusiasm of NGO members.

The project photos are available in the Gallery.