Project “Together 2”

The existence of a peaceful, safe and secure environment is essential for the sustainable development of our society, our country. Our organization always tries to be involved in such initiatives, or itself initiate such projects, that are directed towards the establishment of permanent peace in our region. A vivid example to this is our project “Together” implemented in 2011-2012 with the assistance of the US Embassy in Armenia. Conditioned by the successful realization of the very project NGO “European Integration” in partnership with NGO “Society for Humanitarian Research” and NGO “National Diplomacy Institute” 2013-2014 implemented the project “Together 2” with the assistance of the US Embassy in Armenia.

Project Description

Project “Together 2” aimed at involving young people of the borderline regions “most suffering from skirmishes” in a peace dialogue, to create a platform for them to regulate exchange of opinions and fix certain creative exchange.

In the framework of the project “Together 2” there were organized parallel Skype discussions on the topic “What are they like across the border?” involving experienced conflict experts and psychologists in the borderline territories of Ijevan and Kasakh, Martakert and Naftalan among the representatives of young adults under 35. The Skype discussions were held with those participants of the event who are on the other side of the border.

The meetings were followed by photo exhibitions “Peace in the Eyes of Armenians and Azerbaijanis” (photos of the first phase of the project “Together” on the “Peace” topic taken by young photographs from the region of Karabakh conflict) in the same places; introduction of the results of the first phase of the project “Together” (the song, the photo, the slogan, the logo and the video). Also, photo exhibitions on the topic “Peace in the eyes of Armenians and Azerbaijanis” is available in the borderline districts – Ijevan, Kasakh, Martakert and Naftalan.

Acquaintance, although virtual, stimulated to erase certain stereotypes among the participants of the discussion, among whom we held competitions of photographs on the topic of “peace” and of the English lyrics of the song created in the first phase of the project “Together” with the joint efforts of composers from the region of the Karabakh conlict. All the photographs and lyrics collected during the project were anonymously installed on the “Together” page on Facebook and the best three peace-building photographs and the best three lyrics were selected.

The project resulted in adjusting a dialogue between young people living in the borderline territories.

Project Photos

Disclaimer: The project was supported by US Government. The ideas expressed do not necessarily reflect the views of the US Government.