Karen Bekaryan: the Reasonable Terms Have Long Been Expired

In a talk with “Armedia” IAA the Chairman of the NGO “European Integration” Karen Bekaryan mentioned that without any doubt recalling the Armenian-Turkish Protocols was a correct step, but this could have been done earlier. He stressed that he does not exclude the possibility that a time would come when Armenia would recall its signature from the Armenian-Turkish protocols. “During this period we saw that the so called “reasonable terms” have expired. There is no positive dynamics – neither in the formal sense concerning the ratification of the document by Turkey, nor in the attitude towards the Armenian-Turkish process,” – Bekaryan said.

 He also mentioned that in the international arena Turkey continues to come up with anti-Armenian statements and does not have any constructive role in the Karabakh issue. “Moreover, any statement referring to Karabakh made either by the Turkish President, Prime Minister or the Minister of Foreign Affairs, make the Nagorno-Karabakh settlement process destructive. Turkey’s blockade of Armenia is not removed, there is no right position concerning the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide and April 24.” Karen Bekaryan called the celebration of Chanakalle battle on April 24 and the invitation of the world leaders to Istanbul a real cynicism. “There is no action by the Turkey to which one can response positively. If this does not exist then everything should be called by their names. Therefore recalling the protocols by the President can be seen in this framework.”

Source: www.armedia.am