TV programme “European Diary”

TV programme “European Diary” was prepared by NGO “European Integration” with the assistance of British Embassy in Yerevan. 

One of the main aims of thе project wаs the enlightening and lobbying the European way of development in the society, illustration of European values, everyday activity of European and European-Atlantic structures, their new projects, etc.

The TV programme wаs broadcast twice a month.

The guests of the programme included experts on human rights protection, politicians, statesmen etc.

During the duration of the project twice a week the website of the NGO “European Integration” provided information in Armenian from European Mass Media. As the monitoring results showed, the consumers of this information were not only private individuals, including the youth, but also representatives of non-governmental and state organizations. A counter installed on the website of organization  marked quantity increase of the users during the project “The View from Europe”.  The website was visited by nearly 1200 people, which was a good result for Armenia, taking into consideration the percentage of internet users. This proved the obvious  popularity of the project “The View from Europe”.