EU Holds Urgent Talks on Mediterranean Migrant Deaths

EU Foreign Ministers will hold urgent talks in Luxembourg today in connection of halting the rising death toll of refugees in the Mediterranean Sea, BBC reports. Meanwhile, search and rescue efforts are continuing after a boat carrying about 700 migrants capsized off the coast of Libya in the Mediterranean Sea.

It is said that the North Africa-Italy route has become the world’s deadliest. The 20m (70ft) long boat was believed to be carrying up to 700 migrants, and only 28 survivors have been rescued. A boat carrying coffins of the 24 victims found so far has just arrived in Malta, the Italian Coastguard says.

The European Commission said the EU as a whole has “a moral and humanitarian obligation to act” and the issue “requires a joint European response.”

“What we need is immediate actions to prevent further loss of life as well as a comprehensive approach to managing migration better in all its aspects,” – the commission added.