Ten Young People from Artsakh Came to Yerevan on Foot to Pay Tribute to the Victims of Genocide

On April 14,  ten young people from Artsakh’s Chapar village, Martakert region, set off on a trip on foot to Yerevan to pay tribute to the victims of Genocide in Armenian Genocide Memorial of Tsitsernakaberd, Panorama.am reports.

They have traveled about 450 km, passing through Chapar, Stepanakert, Lachin, Yeghegnadzor and Etchmiadzin.

“We are from the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic. We have come to the Armenian Genocide Memorial from Artsakh on foot. We decided to walk and feel the physical pain which the 1.5 million Armeninans experienced, when they were displaced from their native lands. I cannot describe what spiritual feelings we had”, –  the president of “The Friends Association” NGO Sergey Epremyan in an interview with News.am said.

12-year-old Tigran, one of the Artsakh youths, said, “By reaching here we achieved our aim.”

Source: armedia.am