“Revealing NATO”

NGO “European Integration” realized the project “Revealing NATO” with the assistance of British Embassy in Yerevan, seminar-discussions were conducted in districts of Armenia within the project.

In each seminar-discussion interactive reports were presented by speakers, video materials about NATO and exclusive interviews conducted with NATO high-ranking officials, ambassadors in NATO Headquarters, Brussels and in Astana within the framework of Euro-Atlantic Partnership Council Security Forum were shown. After that discussion was held.

The aims of the project included:

1.   Breaking certain negative stereotypes among the public concerning the NATO rooted back in the Soviet times. Eliminating such stereotypes and their impacts;

2.   Discussing the NATO-South Caucasus, NATO-Armenia relations;

3.   Introducing the NATO as a structure resolving conflicts between its members;

4.   Presenting NATO as a structure dealing with creative mind, civic developments, science, peacekeeping and peace-loving missions, as well as with humanitarian problems.

The participants were handed out the complete published version of the interviews, including the interviews conducted with the Head of the Mission of the Russian Federation to NATO Mr. Dmitryi Rogozin, the Director of the Center for Eurasian Policy and a Senior Fellow at the Hudson Institute, Zeyno Baran and with other high-ranking officials and analysts, as well as other published materials telling about NATO.

“Armedia” IAA, media partner of the project, prepared articles about discussions and installed them on the website of “Armedia” IAA. The TV program was prepared, summarizing the results of the discussions in districts.

In parallel with the seminar-discussions, the project had one more component. A composition-contest was announced on the subject “NATO: as I See It” for the participants of the discussions. The authors of the best two works were invited to be the guests of the TV program “View at the World”.