Dictating political agenda must be civil society’s next step

Civil society must be able to dictate a political agenda, Tevan Poghosyan, an MP of the Heritage part, told reporters as he commented on civil society’s unprecedented activities, reports tert.am.

“Civil society must be able to order a political agenda. It must have funds and organizations established to raise and deal with social problems. The 2008 events were followed by a number of actions crowned with success. We can mention both successful and failed attempts. I am happy to see a young generation capable of raising problems. The events in Baghramyan Avenue wee a victory as the activists succeeded in making government bodies work and find ways out,” Mr Poghosyan said.

One of the major functions of civil society is to keep government bodies awake.

“Society is not active from election to election. You must always be involved in decision-making. I hope the young generation will continue acting in the same way.”

Source: tert.am