Juncker: EU should accept 160,000 migrants and refugees

Jean-Claude Juncker used his annual State of the Union address in Strasbourg to unveil a startlingly ambitious plan to tackle Europe’s migrant crisis, while Nigel Farage led vocal opposition from the parliament’s eurosceptic wing, reports www.telegraph.co.uk.

Mr Juncker’s proposals would see 160,000 refugees redistributed under a compulsory scheme from Italy, Greece and Hungary to all other member states (excluding Britain, Ireland and Denmark, who are exempt under EU treaties).

He called for a common EU asylum and migrant policy, and a review of the current so-called Dublin system which sees asylum seekers register at the first EU country in which they arrive.

An €1.8bn emergency trust fund to help African nations tackle the migrant crisis at source, and the right for asylum seekers to find employment while waiting for their applications to be processed were also on Juncker’s wishlist.


Source: www.telegraph.co.uk