Security Strategy in Europe: Discussion in Armenia

Issues of regional security in the context of the EU agenda were discussed at the meeting of representatives of Armenian media in the format of Chatham House. In the discussion, organized by the NGO “European Integration”, within the project “Civil Society. Dialogue for Progress” supported by the EU, were invited journalists, mainly covering European issues.

How the European security strategy has changed during the recent years, what today’s challenges are and what the “circle of friends” in this strategy is – in the current reality, when terrorist attacks have flooded Europe, these were topics that aroused great interest among the participants of discussion. The discussion also touched upon how Europe affects the settlement of conflicts in the post-Soviet space, in particular, what steps they undertake in the settlement of Karabakh, South Ossetian, Abkhazian and Transnistrian conflicts. During the discussion, participants of the event shared their views on how to address the problems related to security – both in Europe and in the countries of Eastern Partnership.