Happy New Year!!! New Opportunities and New Solutions

2015 … A year that was filled with numerous events, expectations and achievements. During 2015 we implemented projects aimed at increasing the potential and the capacity of civil society organizations, supporting their engagement in policy dialogue, promoting to the capacity building of government officials on peace processes, etc.

Work with youth was also at the center of attention of NGO “European Integration.” That work aimed at raising the awareness of the youth on the current important issues of the RA foreign policy, paying special attention to Karabakh conflict settlement process, the development of NKR, RA integration processes, relations with world powers and neighboring countries.

One of our great achievements of 2015 was the joining of three new people to the “Insight” Analytical Center for Applied Policy and Research operating within NGO “European Integration.” Three new team members with their own professionalism, analytical skills and human values gave new impetus to the activities of the Center, providing a new professional insight into the current political issues.

We are sure that 2016 will be a year of greater achievements, successes and crazy, at the same time important initiatives. Each New Year brings with it new opportunities, positive changes, giving a hope that we, through our own activities, can make the world around us better and more colorful.

Happy New Year! May 2016 bring more smiles, more faith and a little bit kindness. May all of us value each moment of our life, be thankful and not fear of creating new memories and cherish the most important that we have in our lives. May 2016 bring peace and hope to our country and the whole world.