Project “Kazakhstan-Armenia: cooperation platforms”

In 2015 Armenia joins Eurasian Economic Union, among the co-founders of which is Kazakhstan. In 2015 the latter presides over CIS which Armenia is also a member of. It is already many years that both countries member CSTO and constantly deepen relations in both multi-lateral and bilateral formats. To promote the deepening of cooperation between Armenia and Kazakhstan NGO “European Integration” with the support of Embassy of Kazakhstan in Armenia initiated project “Kazakhstan-Armenia: cooperation platforms”.

Project Description

Project “Kazakhstan-Armenia: cooperation platforms” had 3 components in the framework of which it cooperated with “Armedia” Information Analytical Agency. The components of the project are as follows:

1. Conferences and Seminars in Armenia

This component foresaw holding of two seminars and two conferences in the regions of Armenia and Yerevan. Topics refered to different spheres of cooperation between Kazakhstan and Armenia, ranging from political to touristic. The scope of the participants included political figures, representatives of civil society, university professors, students and so on.

Conference and seminar photos

Coverage of conferences and seminars

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The Tourism Potential of Kazakhstan and Armenia. the Peculiarities of the Two Countries

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20th Anniversary of Constitutions: Insight into the Past


2. Experts and Journalists Visit to Kazakhstan

This component foresaw a visit a group comprising journalists from “Armedia” IAA and experts from NGO “European Integration” to Astana and Almaty. In the framework of the visit filming, interviews and meetings took place with representatives from official as well as expert spheres. In the scope of the topics among others were the celebration of the 20th anniversary of the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan and/or the subsequent summit of the World Council of Religious and Spiritual Leaders. As a result of the visit videos, information, analytical materials and press-conferences held were prepared.

5th Congress of Leaders of World and Traditional Religions, Astana

Cooperation of Religious and Political Figures is on the Agenda

The Assembly of People of Kazakhstan – 20 years

3. Publication of the book “Kazakhstan-Armenia: cooperation platforms”

This part of the project foresaw publication of a bilingual (Armenian and Russian) book entitled “Kazakhstan-Armenia: cooperation platforms”. After publishing the book, it was be disseminated among various Armenian libraries, government institutions and diplomatic representations as well as representatives of civil society organizations free of charge.