Project “Building Peace Process Competences of Mandated Executives in Armenia”

Crisis Management Initiative (CMI), together with its partner NGO “European Integration” launched a training programme focusing on conflict resolution-related issues for state officials in Armenia. The training programme’s objective was to provide an in-depth exposure to the lessons learned from international best practices, as well as to form a platform creating for key officials from relevant state institutions to engage in structured brainstorming about the processes they are responsible for directly. Here state officials could work together exchanging views on the topics under the direct responsibility, search for potential solutions in a familiar environment.

The workshop within the project was funded by the United Kingdom Conflict, Security and Stability Fund with the support of the British Embassy in Yerevan*.

 Project Description

The project “Building Peace Process Competences of Mandated Executives in Armenia” presupposed:

1. Organization of a workshop in Armenia on peace processes with participation of 15 representatives from the following institutions: Administration of the RA President, Administration of the Parliament, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Defense, Ministry of International Economic Integration and Reforms, the Police.

2. Organization of a half-day roundtable discussion with the invited experts and media partner during the last day of the workshop in Armenia.

The workshop had an objective to give the participants an opportunity to explore international practices and lessons learned on various approaches to conflict resolution, the stages of comprehensive peace process design, the strategies and tools necessary for preparing societies for peace. The project aimed at focusing on certain topics, in the framework of which reports on negotiation and mediation will be made. Moreover, with the help of exercises using skills the participants were engaged in the discussions on peace process design and on negotiation tools.

International experts specializing in the issues of peace building, conflict transformation were invited to the workshop to make presentations on mediation and negotiation, to share their experience.

Coverage of the project

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 *The views expressed in this project do not necessarily represent those of the British Government.