Armenia Celebrats the 24th Anniversary of Its Army

The question of national security and the preservation of national independence became the basis of the formation of Armenian National Army – an army that could become a guarantor for the security of our country. The basis for the Armenian Army became the special regiment of Yerevan (it was formed in 1990) as well as self-defense battalions of Ararat, Goris, Vardenis, Ijevan and Meghri. In 1992-1993 with the unification of Yerkrapah volunteer battalions and the recruited soldiers, a mobile and disciplined army was created.

On January 28, 1992 the government adopted a historic decision “On the RA Ministry of Defense” which marked the beginning of the creation of the national army. Only four military units – patrol regiment of the Interior Ministry, special operations regiment, the regiment of Civil Defense and the Republican Military Commissariat were transferred to the subordination of the Ministry of Defense. The central apparatus of the Defence Ministry – headquarter, management and different departments were created later.

On December 5, 1991 Vazgen Sargsyan was appointed the first Defense Minister. In May 1992, the Defense Ministry with the “Military Service Law” gave the order for the recruitment of conscript soldiers to the army.

The regular military education of the armed forces of independent Armenia, as well as the officers was formed largely on the basis of the Soviet army. Armenian army also inherited the military equipment from the Soviet army. Gradually the number of troops began to increase. Hundreds of Armenian officers, employees, who were previously in different military units of the Soviet army and participated in the defense of the country and army building, returned to Armenia. Among them were generals G.Garibaltyan, A. Harutyunyan, N. Ter-Grigoryants, K. Ivanyan, Yu. Khachaturov, A. Ter-Tadevosyan (Commandos), and others.

Later, a high school for training officers was opened, as well as meterial-technical base was strengthened. Defence Ministers Vazgen Sargsyan, Vazgen Manukyan and Serzh Sargsyan played an important role in the creation of the national army.

The army gradually was armed with modern military equipment and became quite powerful for protecting the country’s independence. The Armenian Army was formed in the process of restoring independent statehood and became one of its most important acquisitions. Serving in a well-organized Armenian army became a matter of honor for every Armenian young man. Starting from 1994 ceasefire, the war rhetoric of the Azerbaijani authorities, the threats for restarting military actions against the RA and NKR, as well as their aggressive motives have been restrained by the armed forces of Armenia with their high combat readiness and combat effectiveness.

Source: Minasyan “Armenia’s Third Republic”