Newshub: a tool to follow EP politics as they happen

The press service of the European Parliament (EP) presented a revamped Newshub that will aggregate social media updates from 751 Members of the European Parliament (MEPs), eight political groups and the Parliament itself. The Newshub is aimed to become a single page of the EP news that will be updated on a regular basis, reports the Parliament’s press service.
According to the EP’s web-site, the Newshub is an instant news service, gathering in one single place all web information published by MEPs, political groups, the President and the Parliament’s news service.
It can be accessed by following the link.
The Newshub allows to follow what MEPs from EU member states are saying on the web, monitor what topics are discussed by MEPs and political groups. The EU Neighbourhood Policy is one of the issues in discussion.
SourceEU Neighbourhood Info