British Film Festival

The opening ceremony of the 14th British Film Festival will take place in Moscow Cinema at 16.30 on 20 February. Seven films will be screened three times a day in Moscow Cinema until 26 February. After the screenings in Yerevan, British Film Festival will begin its tour in regions. This year the films will be screened in Aparan, Dilijan and Alaverdi. Entrance is free.

This year  Best Review and #BestofBritish contests will be organised within the framework of the Festival.

The guest of the festival is Simon Wilkinson.

The festival is organised in cooperation with the British Embassy Yerevan, Beeline and the Ministry of Culture of RA. The official hashtag of the festival is #bestofbritishevn .

British Film Festival features the best and brightest works in the contemporary British cinematography. We are delighted to offer our audience all possible genres starting with comedy and psychological thriller to documentary drama with all variety of topics: music, social problems, family relations, and, of course, love.

The yearly British film festival is an extremely effective way of enabling large numbers of predominantly young, intelligent people to regularly refresh their perceptions of the UK.

Enabling festivals to programme new, high-quality work from the UK therefore remains at the heart of our activities.

The aim is to introduce to the viewer the United Kingdom, the past and the present of the country, the culture, lifestyle and customs, as well as to nurture the knowledge of the English language and creativity through films.