London’s Mayor Favourite to Succeed David Cameron as Tory Leader

Boris Johnson is the clear favourite among both the public and Conservative voters to succeed David Cameron, according to a survey for The Independent.

ORB found that 38 per cent of people want the Mayor of London to take over as Tory leader from Mr Cameron, who has said he will step down before the 2020 general election. Theresa May, the Home Secretary, is favoured by 16 per cent, pushing George Osborne, the Chancellor, into third place on 9 per cent.

Among those who voted Tory at last year’s election, 42 per cent would like to see Mr Johnson succeed Mr Cameron, with 23 per cent backing Mrs May and just 14 per cent Mr Osborne. There is growing concern among Tories who oppose Mr Johnson that he is likely to win the Tory leadership after coming out against Britain’s membership of the EU. The final decision rests with the party’s 150,000 members.