Mogherini: the Escalation of Karabakh Conflict Showed that It has No Military Solution

The South Caucasus is a key region for Europe with great potential, but is undermined with instability and war. The EU High Representative Federica Mogherini said in the European Parliament in Strasbourg, during the discussion on Karabakh issue.

“Large-scale conflict is not in anyone’s interest, and will bring to nowhere. This conflict breaks the stability of countries and their neighbors and prevents the rapprochement with the European Union,” Mogherini said.

According to her, there will be a great risk, if the situation does not calm down quickly. The escalation of the conflict even more clearly demonstrated that it has no military solution, it is necessary to be vigilant and to strictly adhere to the cease-fire. She pointed to the importance of the mechanism proposed by the OSCE, for investigating the violation of the ceasefire. The EU also supports the efforts of the Minsk Group.

“We need a political decision and our political objective should be that the both sides resume negotiations in order to come to a global settlement of the conflict,” Mogherini said.