Donald Tusk: EU needs ‘tough’ migration policies

The EU needs to take a tough approach to controlling migration if it has any hope of a “rational and humane asylum policy,” European Council President Donald Tusk wrote Friday, writes

In an opinion article published in seven European newspapers — the U.K.’sGuardian, Spain’s El Pais, France’s Le Figaro, Poland’s Gazeta Wyborcza, Italy’s La Stampa, Germany’s Der Spiegel and the Netherlands’ de Volkskrant — Tusk said decisions last year by some countries to open borders to “uncontrolled migration” had led to a political backlash.

Tusk defended more recent EU actions to tighten border controls and stop the flow of refugees, saying they were necessary to stop growing “radical, populist, often nationalist sentiment” that had led to “apocalyptic prophesies and questions about the future of Europe.”

Central to the tougher approach, he wrote, was for the EU and its member countries to “regain the capacity to decide who crosses our borders, where and when.”