Project “Voice of Youth 4”

It is well-known truth that the future of any country is in its youth. What the future will be like, depends on the qualities, knowledge and way of thinking of the youth. Based on this logic, each country finds the development of youth its priority. To what extend today’s youth are involved in the political, social-economic, social life, how they make their voice heard and are able to defend their rights in different spheres of life, allows making a view on the future decision makers.

Adhering to the priority of working with young people, our organization prioritizes the continuation of the completed as well as ongoing youth projects. Having successfully realized three phases of the project “The Voice of Youth”, “European Integration” has also fulfilled the project “Voice of Youth 4” with the assistance of the Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs of the RA.

Project description

The project objectives were to raise significant involvement of the youth in politics; to provide the young people interested in this sphere with opportunities to bring some “fresh breath” to foreign political issues; in future to appear in the media as young experts and raise their own opinion; to introduce a platform of generation of new ideas; to contributing to the contacts of young people living in different RA regions; to promote making public the idea of youth capital.

The topics of the project were: Karabakh conflict – negotiation process, last developments; RA foreign policy in the context of integration processes; regional developments in the context of South Caucasus; developments in the Middle East, as well as Far East: India’s and China’s policy and interests in the Southern Caucasus. The selection of topics was based on the last developments directly or indirectly dealing with RA foreign policy, also on the thematic interest of youth demonstrated in the previous projects.

The project foresaw 3 events: 2 two-days trainings in Yerevan and 1 one-day training in Stepanavan (youth capital of 2015) by using methods of non-formal education: role plays, debates, team work, etc.

In the framework of the project, “The Voice of Youth-4” our organization cooperated with Armenian media partner “Armedia” Information, Analytical Agency.

Coverage of the project

Armenia: Regional Developments at the Center of Attention of Youth

Armenia: Young People Discuss South Caucasian Conflicts and Struggle Against IS

Armenian Youth Discussed the Tension in Russian-Turkish Relations and Prospects of Armenian-Iranian Cooperation

Armenian Youth Discussed RA Integration Processes

Karabakh Conflict Settlement Process in the Center of Attention of Youth

Discussion in Stepanavan: Interactions of Societies are Important in Karabakh Conflict Sttlement

Project Photos