“It’s a priority to visit this very significant place, which remembers the tragedy of Armenian people and indeed the very powerful Genocide Museum, which is so evident what happened in those terrible days,” British Baroness Caroline Cox said in Tsitsernakaberd after putting white flowers at the Eternal Fire.

Baroness Cox has arrived in Armenia with her colleagues, some of whom are paying their first visit to our country, which makes Mrs. Cox greatly signify the visit: “It’s pleasant for me to be here with the members of House of Lords and the House of Commons, who’re the part of British-Armenian Friendship Group,” says Mrs. Caroline Cox.

Today the British delegation is leaving for Nagorno-Karabakh. Mrs. Cox, who is paying her 71st visit to Armenia and Artsakh, says she’s always inspired and happy to visit Karabakh: “We’re inspired with the people of Artsakh, who, after the destructions, build their life, their democracy,” she said.

The Baroness said that her feelings are together with Armenian people: “As we remember the terrible events in 1915.”