When Your Working Place Becomes Your Second Home: Our “Family” Turns 14

They say, to be happy it is important to have a strong family and a favorite job. However, your happiness doubles, when at your working place you feel at home, while your colleagues become your second family members. When in the working place everyone not only feels appreciated, but surrounded by the people, who share the same values and are ready to support each other on any occasion. Your happiness doubles, when after being absent from your work for certain period of time, you hurry to return to a place, where people wait for you…

All this proves that each company becomes valued first of all by its team.

On November 14 our “family” turned 14.

Each anniversary is a good opportunity to look back at your passed path, re-evaluate existing achievements, to ponder over your past drawbacks and to make the prospective of your future clearer. Our passed path, present achievements, lessons learned from the drawbacks and the future plans would not be real, if there were not people and organizations, which have been with us during those years.

On the occasion of  the 14th anniversary of NGO  “European Integration”, we warmly congratulate and express our deep gratitude to its founders, present and past members of our organization, to all our partners and to all those, whose combined efforts made our 14-year long path real.

NGO “European Integration” Team