Liana Hovhannisyan: There Is a Need of New Initiatives in the Armenia-US Relations

During a press conference in “Novosti-Armenia” media center an expert of “Insight” Analytical Center for Applied Policy and Research Liana Hovhannisyan said that Armenia should be a more active initiator in the Armenia-US relations and continue to develop relations under the formula of “mutually beneficial cooperation”

“In the US-Armenia relations Armenia should be a more active initiator. We need to more actively cooperate not only in the existing formats, such as the activities carried on in the framework of the Armenia-US Friendship Parliamentary Group, but also to create new platforms for cooperation, for example the format for dialogue and cooperation between different political parties,” she said.

According to the “Insight” expert in 2016 an interesting and important initiative was “Armenia: Investment Forum-2016″ organized in New York, which allowed foreign and the American investors to get acquainted with the investment opportunities in Armenia.

“I think that such kind of initiatives should be regular, as they can boost the number of investments in our country by American and foreign investors. Besides, such kind of initiatives coincide with the formula of mutually beneficial cooperation between the US and Armenia: in this case we do not deal purely with assistance programs as the American investor themselves will benefit from such initiatives.”

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