Congratulations, Armenian Soldier!

January 28, the anniversary of the formation of the Armenian Army, is one of the most prominent days on our calendar. This day is both the day of pain and sorrow, and the day of glory and honor, which is celebrated with great pride among both the people of Armenia and the Diaspora. Today Armenian Army turns 25.

In 1991, by the decision of the Government of the Republic of Armenia, the State Defense Committee was formed within the Council of Ministers. The historic decision  ”for the protection of the Republic of Armenia’’ was taken on January 28, 1992, thus leading to the formation of the National Army.

During the 25 years of “no war, no peace”, the army has repeatedly reaffirmed its dominant role in the security of our people. The four-day war in April 2016, is one of the brightest examples of that. There are still a lot of things to speak and write about April’s four-day war heroes.

These people live in our country, near us. Talking with them and hearing their thoughts about the army, one becomes proud and peaceful. Some of them have served, and some have not. These heroes have families, girlfriends, favorite professions, many dreams and goals but at any moment they are ready to set aside everything and fight with honor once again.

Below are the perceptions and thoughts of our heroes.

Eduard Minasyan. ”We are often asked how we won in Artsakh. Some say ”by courage”, and some – the minority that I like, say that by accurate and proper planning. When talking about the army, one must understand a very important thing. The level of analysis done is different in the case of an ordinary soldier, who solves a clearly formulated military problem and the high commander who sometimes has to “sacrifice” a few dozen in order to save hundreds …

The more trained and skilled is the fighter and the more experienced and confident he is in his actions, the less emotions he needs. The silent, but quick solutions rather than courageous slogans are able to combat the problem. As Leonid Azgaldyan once said, “The most expensive thing in war you have to save is the soldier ready to die for his homeland”.


Saribek Abazyan. ‘’The army is a top value for me. It is an important school of life, where every Armenian boy should serve and be educated to become a real man. By saying army we should understand not the 18-20 year-old children, but also the entire Armenian nation, Armenian language and Armenian culture.”

Narek Grigoryan. “The ideological basis of the nation-army must be the self-conscious citizen of the Republic of Armenia and not just a man. A citizen, who will be able to find his place in his own country according to his mental and physical abilities. In any other case, the above mentioned may not be a viable ideology. Only the man with positive expectations regarding his future can keep the armed forces with high level of combat readiness.

Hayk Zakaryan. “The army is the guarantee of robust implementation of each state. As a public body, it is the most efficient system. And finally, the army is one of the most significant factors in development of each man.”

Rustam Khalatyan. “The powerful army is the spiritual, ideological and military potential of the state. The stronger the army, the stronger the state. We should all keep high the morale of the soldiers by our behavior.

Benik Stepanyan. “It is impossible to even imagine anything more important for the country’s present and future than the army. It is the air and water, flesh and blood, a vital necessity. And as the army is in the deep layers of our consciousness, we should not talk, but rather ”feed” it making even more powerful.”

For our peaceful life,

You did not put down your weapon,

Armenian soldier, brave brother,

Your name will remain always, our MOUNT, our DEFENDER…