US Foreign Policy and Trump’s Administration. the Youth Discuss

On March 17, in the framework of the “Youth Platform” project, the perspectives of the US foreign policy and their reference to the South Caucasus was discussed. 

The lecture was delivered by the expert of “Insight” Analytical Center of Applied Policy and Research Liana Hovhannisyan. The perspectives of possible changes in the foeign policy of  Trump’s administration, expectations and the recorded tendencies were discussed. Separate reference was made to the RA-USA relations. 

To note, the project is implemented by the resources of NGO “European Integration.”

Project “Youth platform” is a series of training-discussions for the young professionals (political scientists, international scientists, economists, journalists). This is a specific platform, where young people discuss with experts current and important issues related to Armenia’s foreign policy, gain knowledge about neighboring countries, priority issues of the RA’s foreign policy, international processes, as well as the development of civil society and related topics. In addition group works are being carried out, personal views are being expressed as well as new solutions to old questions are being proposed.