British Artist’s Incredibly Detailed Drawings of Animals Merged with Landscapes (PHOTOS)

Uk-Based artist Faye Halliday creates extremely complex and incredibly detailed mural drawings of animals.

If the touring the world, soaking up the sun in some of the most exotic locations, and using them as backdrop to draw exquisite animal portraits sounds like a just a dream for many, it is actually just Faye Halliday’s life, Boredpanda reports.

The visual artist, originally hailing from the UK, has embarked on a travelling project dubbed Haathi, which means elephant in Hindi. She was inspired to honor the beauty of animals in new ways after witnessing the Elephant Festival in Jaipur, India, where the enormous creatures are painted with intricate patterns. Those same majestic patterns are now the basis of Halliday’s drawings, which turn various animals into hypnotizing, dream-like amalgamations of line and shade.

Haathi has taken Faye Halliday across a number of tropical destinations, which we can only guess are the most inspiring environments for her unique style of art.