Project “Turkey: View from within”

Among the survivors of Mets Yeghern, there are people whose lives were saved by a Turkish neighbor, friend or stranger. “European Integration” Non-Governmental Organization with the support of the U.S. Department of State implemented the project “Turkey: View from Within” (from November 2015 to May 2017), the aim of which is to have a contribution in the development of the dialogue between the Armenian and Turkish nations, as well as in building mutual trust. This project builds on a 2014 project, conducted by us with the support of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office of the United Kingdom, and which resulted in the book “100 Years…True stories.”  The electronic version can be found here.

Our partners in Turkey are the “Armenian Culture and Solidarity Association” (coordinator Aris Nalci), as well as Aline Ozinian-Voskanian.

Within the project an e-book is published including 15 stories of the descendants of the Turks/Kurds who saved Armenians, 15 stories of Armenians currently living in Turkey, and 10 interviews with the descendants of those saved (Armenians saved by Turks/Kurds) and of Turks/Kurds who saved Armenians.

The book includes true stories, transcribed exactly as they were related to our team, without any editing of the content. The stories have been narrated by the descendants, relatives, and close friends of the survivors of Mets Yeghern and the descendants of those who saved Armenians. Each narrator shared what witnesses had told them about the events of that time. The stories of the Armenians currently living in Turkey, the presented interviews also include the heroes’ views on the transformations in Turkey and the current situation of Turkish-Armenian relations.

The electronic version of the book “Turkey: View from Within” is published in Armenian, Turkish and English and is available for free. It is intended for a wide circle of readers.

The materials, opinions and conclusions presented in the book introduce the views of the participants of the events and the people narrating the stories, and do not reflect the position of the U.S. Government.