“Standard” International Triennial of Contemporary Art in Armenia to Be Held for the First Time

From July to December 2017, “Standard” International Triennial of Contemporary Art will be held in the Republic of Armenia with the support of the RA Ministry of Culture, Arts for the World, Swiss Embassy in Armenia, and the Armenian Art Council, the official website of RA Ministry of Culture reports.

“Standard” emphasizes the rich historical and cultural environment in Armenia.

Standard is a Triennial art exhibition of Contemporary art that draws on a broader and diverse layers of social space, creating opportunities for dialogue and collaboration among artists, writers, co-founders, scientists, local communities and visitors.
The Armenian Council of the Arts has chosen Adelina Jouberyan Phon Fürshtenberg, the principal curator for the first “Standard” Triennial, who is the co-founder of the Armenian pavilion and winner of the Golden Lion in Venice’s 56-th Biennale in 2015.
Inspired by the French Surrealist writer and poet Renaud Domai’s (1908-1944) unfinished novel “Analog of the Mountain”, the “Standard” will be held in the unique historical-cultural sites around Mount Ararat.
As poetic research and temporal existence, “Analog of the Mountain” reveals the reflection of the knowledge search, based on the fact that the spirit of creative thought is directly related to the essence and experience of a person.
The “Standard” Triennial of Contemporary Art aims to bridge the diverse places and artwork, forming a direct dialogue between artists and co-artists involved in different cultural traditions, which will result in an exchange of experience and cooperation on the cultural colourful part of Armenia. As a result, there will be a number of contemporary art exhibitions, as well as meetings and collaborations with local and Armenian artists, performances.
For more information, visit the official website of the tri-web: www.standart-armeniatriennale.net.