Knyaz Hasanov: Iraqi Kurdistan Leadership Should Sit Down for Dialogue with the Iraqi Authorities


Armedia IAA presents an exclusive interview with Knyaz Hasanov, a member of the RA Parliament and Chairman of the Kurdish National Council in Armenia NGO, on the Iraqi Kurdistan independence referendum held on September 25. 


Mr. Hasanov, the majority of the participants of the Iraqi Kurdistan independence referendum voted in favor of it. According to you, what will Erbil’s next step be?

- Yes, 93% of the referendum participants voted for independence. This was a fantastic thing for the whole world. According to the plans, the next step will be the declaration of independence. Nevertheless, we see how the neighboring countries react to all this. Turkey even declared that it will enter troops. Iran and Syria also expressed against the independence of the Iraqi Kurdistan. As for the US and Russia, they say that they support the territorial integrity of Iraq.

I think that the leadership of the Iraqi Kurdistan should sit down for dialogue with the Iraqi authorities, despite the fact that the official Baghdad still refuses it, saying that the Iraqi Kurdistan should remain in Iraq under the former status.

 How do you asses the possibility of military clashes?

- Turkey declared about a possible military intervention, while Erbil answered that will wait for them and “will return them very well”, which means that Kurds are not afraid of resistance. Iraqi authorities in their turn threaten with war, noting that they will enter Kirkuk. Nevertheless, it is still unclear in what direction the developments will go.

It is not possible to declare independence in one day. It can take months, even a year. We hope that in any case the Iraqi Kurdistan will be declared independent and the Kurds will have an independent state.

What do you think, will there be any changes in the agenda of the Kurdish community in Armenia and the official Erbil after the referendum?

- The Kurdish community in Armenia maintains its official relations with Erbil, periodically various meetings take place. Nevertheless, I do not think that after the referendum any significant changes will take place in the agenda with Erbil.