Europe Should Make a Choice Between Interests and Values on Catalonia: Karen Bekaryan


Europe should make a choice between interests and values, the Chairman of NGO “European Integration”, RA National Assembly Deputy, Karen Bekaryan stated in a talk with “Armedia” IAA commenting on the developments after the Catalan independence referendum.

“I am deeply concerned. At this moment, I do not find it appropriate to make any analysis on various interests or possible developments. Instead, the world and, first of all, Europe, with all its institutions, once again faces a very important question – are interests or values dominating? And in terms of values – what is the basic and the prior one – the rule of law, to which the central authorities of Spain and the Spanish Prime Minister refer by all possible means, or the fundamental rights, on which the European civilization is based? I think these questions should receive answers and no matter how surprising it may seem, the resolution of the situation in a civilized way is directly related to the answers of these questions,” Bekaryan said.