Civil Society Cooperation in the EU-RA Agreement (Reference)

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Recently the EU published the Comprehensive and Enhanced Partnership Agreement Between the European Union and the European Atomic Energy Community and Their Member States, of the One Part, and the Republic of Armenia, of the Other Part initialized with Armenia, the final signing of which is expected in the near future. Armedia IAA presents a series of materials on the most important issues that have become topics of hot discussions.

Later, if necessary, taking into consideration public interests, we will also address those issues that are not included in this series.


In the EU-RA Agreement there is a reference on civil society cooperation (Title III, Articles 102-108, total number of pages – 5).

The Agreement says that the Parties should establish a dialogue on civil-society cooperation to strengthen contacts and the exchange of information and experience between all sectors of civil society in the European Union and in the Republic of Armenia, to ensure a better knowledge and understanding of the Republic of Armenia, including its history and culture and to ensure a better knowledge and understanding of the European Union in the Republic of Armenia.

Besides the Agreement says that the Parties commit themselves to promote dialogue and cooperation between civil-society stakeholders from both sides to ensure involvement of civil society in relations between the EU and Armenia, to enhance civil-society participation in the public decision-making process, in particular by establishing an open, transparent and regular dialogue between, on the one hand, public institutions and, on the other, representative associations and civil society. The Agreement says that a regular dialogue will take place between the Parties on the issues covered by this Chapter.