With the Joint Efforts of Our EPP Partners and Our Delegation Members, the Azerbaijani Proposal Was Rejected: Karine Atshemyan

The work of the Euronest Parliamentary Assembly continues in Kiev. “Armedia” IAA has talked with the member of the Armenian delegation to the Euronest PA, Deputy of the RA National Assembly, Karine Atshemyan on the work of the Armenian delegation in the Euronest PA.

- Mrs. Atshemyan, the session of the Euronest PA continues. How would you assess the activity of the Armenian delegation? What issues are being voiced?  

- Fortunately, this time almost all the delegates are present, there are only two delegates, who are absent. I think that the presence of almost all the delegates plays a very important role as everything related to different issues is being carried out in a more consolidated, constructive and purposeful way. Even the head of the Ukrainian delegation noted that it was very nice to see a united and active delegation.

The presence of all delegation members is important because we have different discussions at different committees at the same time, there is voting, and in that sense their presence is very important, both in terms of activity and quantity.

I should mention that it would be desirable for our European partners, who are among the initiators of the formation of Euronest, to be here with more representative staff. This time their number is relatively small, which cannot have a positive impact on the work of the structure. The presence of our partners from the European Parliament is important here for more active and full-fledged work.

-  What is the reason that so few European partners are present?

- I cannot say it for sure. Maybe, it is connected with the developments in Kiev, other reasons, unknown to us, may also be possible. Nevertheless, for the effectiveness of our future works, I think, their presence is very important.

- Mrs. Atshemyan, in the framework of the Euronest PA the meeting of the European People’s Party took place. How would you assess the effectiveness of that meeting?

- As a member of the Republican Party of Armenia I participated in the meeting of the European People’s Party (EPP). We have discussed various issues, we have expressed our position on all the delegations’ initiatives and reports. For example, in the Social Commission, the Azerbaijani side came up with a proposal unacceptable for us. It was about the Karabakh issue. However, with the efforts of our EPP partners, the Azerbaijani proposal was rejected.

In general, I must say that our work in all commissions gave their results. Our proposals were accepted, and the ones that were not in our interests were rejected. In this regard, I consider our work to be very positive and efficient.

Meetings, discussions and personal contacts with our European colleagues in this format are important so that in the future in other international structures we are able to provide a similar position on the issues important for us and have friends who will support us.