25-Year-Old Armenian Woman is Georgia’s First and Only Female Pilot

25-year- old Nadezhda Benklyan is Georgia’s one and only female pilot. Several months ago she started working at the ”Georgian Airways” airline, thus proving that a woman can choose male-dominated career and run the plane as good as the men.

In an interview with Sputnik Gruzia, Nadezhda said that her father was an airman.

“I make my first flight with my dad when I was about 15 years old; I liked it. At that very moment I was struck by an idea; why not to become a pilot? Of course, at that time I didn’t say anything to anybody. I told my parents about my intention only when I graduated from the school. They were astonished, but they did not take it seriously. My father advised me to abandon the idea. Despite this, I continued to insist on trying to persuade my parents and eventually I have reached my goal. That’s how I went to study at Georgia’s Aviation University.”

Answering the question on how a female pilot arranges her day, Nadezhda answered.

“Yesterday I had two flights. At first, we gather at the Pilot Department and examine the weather features, analyze the upcoming flight, decide with the commander how much fuel we need; we thoroughly discuss everything …  Then I prepare the airplane, the board for the flight and set off ”.