We Are 15!

The idea to found NGO “European Integration” goes back to 2000. After gaining its independence, Armenia became one of the nation’s states, the success story in the context of which is Europe.  To stick to the democratic path of the country’s development, to exchange the experience in this direction, to disseminate European values, a group of friends, standing for the same ideology, felt the necessity to have an organization, which will help Armenia to become a part of the European family. This is how everything started…. :)

The main guarantor of the foundation and long-year activity of NGO “European Integration” is the fact that both the founders and members of the organization are united purely by values.  The proof of which are the initiatives realizes by the use of our own resources. This was possible due to commitment and loyalty of our team members to the declared values. Thus it is not occasional that despite a number of difficulties throughout these 15 years, the organization managed to continue its normal activity and stay persistent to ensure the continuity of the chosen path in the future.

 During the last 15 years NGO “European Integration”, always staying loyal to its declared values, tried to contribute to strengthening and dissemination of democratic values, to formation and development of civil society, to Armenia’s integration to the European family. Numerous projects that are presented in the relevant section of our webpage speak of stable and productive work experience of our organization.

They say, one can be considered happy, if he goes to work and returns to home with pleasure. This is the reason why each member of our team is truly happy.

We congratulate our organization on the 15th anniversary  and once more express our gratitude to the founders, previous and present members, to our partners, donors and to all those, due to whom our 15-year path has become real…