More than 600 Belgians Came Out on the Streets in Defense of the Armenian Family


More than 600 people came out on the streets of the Belgian city of Walcourt, protesting against the deportation of the Armenian family.

The demonstrators were trying to raise their voices to prevent the deportation of the beloved and respected Armenian family, Sputnik News reports, referring to

“It was very unexpected. I did not think that in our individualistic society we can be so united. Hundreds of people have joined us, “said Eddie de Jager, Committee Support Assistant.

”I believe in the power of law, but there is something wrong. We want the family to know that we are with them. They are very well integrated into our society”, Eddie de Jager said.

Mayor Kristen Pullin agrees with Jager.

”I think we can combine the law and human attitude which is not being happened in this case. Citizens are demanding that. They do not want the laws to be used foolishly”.