Świtalski:The Future Civil Society Platform Will Positively Contribute to the Realization of RA-EU Agreement

On 18 December, the EU Ambassador Piotr Świtalski delivered a speech at the conference “The role of civil society in developing public policy agenda and ensuring accountable governance in Armenia”, organised by the Partnership for Open Society which associates around 60 civil society organizations, the official Facebook page of the Delegation of the European Union (EU) to Armenia reports.

The Ambassador recalled the importance of the recently signed EU-Armenia Comprehensive and Enhanced Partnership Agreement which is a very solid legal basis for advancing reforms for the benefit of the citizens. He reiterated that CEPA is based on a joint commitment of both the EU and Armenia to democratic reforms, advancing human rights protection and fundamental freedoms, rule of law and good governance. The Government is the key partner in the implementation while at the same time, the National Assembly and the future Civil Society Platform (to be consisting of civil society organisations from the EU Member States and Armenia) will play an important function of the oversight of CEPA implementation and can positively contribute to its effective realization.