2017′s Top 10 Bestseller Books in Armenia

Book is one of the best gifts, and the New Year and Christmas are the best occasions to present books to each other. Your gift can provide a pleasant time during the New Year holidays and serve as a nice start for the whole year.

The “Bookinist” company, which has the largest network of bookstores in our city, has presented the top 10 bestsellers of 2017 at the request of “Armedia” IAA. As you can see by the bookstore list, most of Yerevan Bestsellers are children’s books, which, of course, suggest that our compatriots pay great attention to introducing children the world of books.

So, the books that appeared in the list of bestsellers are the following.

On the 1st place is “The Encyclopedia of Knowledge“: This book, translated into Armenian by the “Bookinist” publishing house, will bring your children to the world of infinite knowledge and new discoveries.


On the 2nd place is “100 business secrets” by V.Dilbaryan: This book has set a record of sales in Armenia. The book provides practical advice on business management in Armenia, business standards, branding approaches, management models, service standards, marketing tricks, case studies from business life, global brands, company steps, and many more.


On the 3rd place is “100 facts: the Space“: This little illustrated Armenian encyclopedia on the universe is the best gift to your children to stimulate their curiosity and creative thinking.





On the 4th place is “The Little Prince” by Antoine de Saint-Exupery: This book is a true legend for many generations and is the best gift for both adults and children. The Armenian version published by “Edit Print” this year has been a great success.




On the 5th place is “Jambo’s Jungle Colors“: This creative and funny book will definitely attract the attention of the little ones and make them love the world of books and knowledge.




On the 6th place is “Before Meeting you” by J. Moyes: The story of this unique love has become not only a bestseller in many countries, but also served as a basis for the film “Me Before You”, which came out in 2016.






On the 7th place is “Missing Chrysanthemums” by E. Harutyunyan: There is a widespread stereotype that Armenian contemporary literature is not developing today. But this love story of a divorced man and a divorced woman breaks stereotypes, taking place in the list of most demanded books.





On the 8th place is “Dry marketing” by V. Mirakyan: And again a book about business and marketing. One of the most famous young businessmen in Armenia has shared his experience and rules for making the product demandable. This book presents 40 business tools for developing and working in the Armenian environment.





On the 9th place is “The monk who sold his Ferrari” by R. Sharma: This is probably the best book to read at the beginning of the year and to change your own life and thinking and become more successful. Robin Sharma, author of many intriguing books, will help you to make a difference in your everyday life, to change the perception of the surrounding world and reach your goals.




On the 10th place is “Harry Potter and the Philosophical Stone” by J. K. Rowing: From now on, Harry Potter’s lovers can enjoy the companionship of their heroes and get dip into their magic world, reading the book already in Armenian. “Zangak” publishing house presented the celebrated book with Armenian translation.




So, when choosing your New Year gifts, do not forget to visit the nearby bookstore.