Eve of Feast of the Holy Nativity and Theophany of Our Lord Jesus Christ, Candlelight Divine Liturgy

Candlelight Divine Liturgy (Chragaluyts, Arm.- ճրագալույց) is celebrated on Christmas Eve and on Easter Eve. Candles are lit from the sanctuary lamp and are given to the people. In the past on the eve of every religious feast Candlelight Divine Liturgy was served.

In the Armenian Church nowadays Candlelight Divine Liturgy is served only on Christmas Eve and Easter Eve, during which, different parts from the Bible are read after the Liturgy. Daniel’s prophecy is read, after which the Liturgy is recited (the liturgies are recited in the evening only on Christmas Eve and Easter Eve).

After the Liturgy the procession goes to refectory, where the Gospel is sung, Armenian chant (sharakan, Arm-շարական) is sung, the evening ends with the greeting, after which the traditional supper begins.  During Chragaluyts, people wish each other good things, eat vegetables, eggs and fish with wine. Chragaluyts  evening  was also called Khtum –խթում, which is considered to be the Meat day.